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We are a fearless team of tech enthusiasts who thrive on tackling challenges head-on! Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach, as we eagerly join forces with you to meticulously create effective web solutions. Our strength lies in our attentive listening, translating your requirements into victorious web designs. Hailing from Toronto, our experts possess the expertise, experience, and fervor required to accomplish diverse web design and development tasks.


We strive to blend creativity with strategy, crafting compelling online narratives that elevate brands and foster growth. Through collaboration, community-building, and unwavering dedication, we aim to reshape the digital landscape for our clients, one success story at a time.


We envision a world where creativity knows no bounds, where businesses thrive online through meaningful connections and engaging experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a heart for community, we aspire to be the go-to partner for transforming ideas into impactful digital realities.

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We’re a skilled team passionate about web design and development. All services are in-house, seamlessly tailored to exceed your business needs. Pioneering innovative solutions in design, development, and photography, VisionHour44 excels in customization

Elevating Ideas into Digital Magic

VisionHour44 is where experience meets passion. Creating digital magic through design, development, and strategy. Your vision takes center stage, transformed into a stunning online reality.

One-Stop Creative Hub

Everything happens under our roof, and that's what sets us apart. From design to development, we weave your brand's story seamlessly, turning it into a captivating online journey.

Trailblazing Custom Creations

Forget cookie-cutter solutions. At VisionHour44, we're all about breaking boundaries. We're the trendsetters, crafting custom web solutions that scream innovation, from design tweaks to photo mastery. Your brand, your rules.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a website design isn’t uniform, as each project is distinct. At VisionHour44, we customize websites based on your unique needs. To determine the cost, we’ll engage in a comprehensive assessment and provide a tailored quote. Our entry package starts at just $1000. To initiate the quote process, get in touch with us at Your digital vision awaits a splendid reality!

Our normal time frame for finishing a website is 3-6 weeks, although this varies depending on the project since the scope and speed of any project are determined by each client. The amount of involvement you can give at the beginning, your feedback, and how quickly the content is delivered all have an impact on how quickly the project is finished. Your timing will also be influenced by the functionality and modifications needed.

Yes! We adore it when our customers take charge of their website and figure out how to edit their own material. After the conversion, you will have full access to the backend of your new WordPress website, allowing you to simply make simple text updates, photo edits, new product additions, and price changes. However, for more complicated updates and maintenance, such as plugin updates, design or structure modifications, and extensive feature requirements, we do advise hiring a professional (developer). If you want to learn how to use the backend to make quick changes on your own after your website is finished, we offer hourly tutorials for $120 + HST per hour.

Your website can be maintained by us, or you can handle the smaller updates yourself. You have complete freedom to choose. Many of our clients receive ongoing help from us, but it is not required and there is no monthly fee. You can get in touch with us whenever your website needs improvements, and we’ll give you an hourly estimate based on your needs.

No, the domain and hosting of your website will be your responsibility. This will guarantee that after the conversion, you will have complete access to your website. However, we can provide you with hosting package recommendations (SiteGround, Godaddy, and Bluehost), and as part of the price of our website design package, we will execute the migration to your new hosting.

Absolutely! More than ever, having a mobile-friendly website is essential! We make every effort to make your website responsive on contemporary devices and easy to visit.

A lot! Your suggestions and comments are very important to the design and growth of this website. We’ll start by asking you a lot of questions about your requirements, preferences, and goals before working with you to create the ideal design. Before we start working on your project, we also ask that you send us some sample websites. Keep in mind that this is your website, and we need your assistance and guidance regarding your ultimate vision. As a team, we eagerly await your suggestions.

You must supply all of the text for your website, per our request. It’s always better if it comes from you because you are the subject matter expert for your company. If you require help, we have a copywriter on staff who can edit or create original content for you for a fee of $120 per hour.

Yes! More than 42% of the internet is powered by the best content management system, WordPress. Its enormous market share is a result of its adaptability and simplicity. We’ve worked on all different types of websites and with many industries, all on WordPress, ranging from simple, informational, template websites that are straight to the point to a more custom website with specialized features to fulfill your website goals.

We’re merely an email away! Our assistance ranges from extensive support to just a nudge in the right direction. Even after your website launch, our commitment endures, nurturing enduring business ties. Count on us for upcoming projects or expanding your site’s horizons. Feel free to connect at for a quote or any project queries. We’re thrilled to be part of your journey!

No, monthly SEO was not included in the website’s construction. Google can view every content we publish to your website, including text, images, and videos, but that does not guarantee that you will be ranked first.

Get in touch via email at, sharing your website particulars (current or new project), page structure, and any reference sites. Once reviewed, we’ll furnish a project estimate or arrange a call for more comprehensive discussions. We’re excited to collaborate with you!

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Explore the dynamic world of VisionHour44 as we bridge the gap between dreams and reality with our exceptional design prowess. Join us on this creative journey for insightful articles ranging from behind-the-scenes photoshoots, exclusive glimpses into our process, to web design tips and tricks that elevate your online presence.

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